Closing Ceremony

Sunday, October 6, 2013 to Monday, October 7, 2013
Amman, Jordan

The closing ceremony of UNAM project was held in Amman on 6th October 2013, with the support from Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan. The meeting was opened by Prof. Issa Batarseh , president of Princess Sumaya University for Technology.


Following that, the director of Jordan National Tempus office and Jordan Accreditation Commission also gave a welcome speech to the regional and international guests. Project achievement was the presented by the UNAM co-ordinator and a final consortium meeting was also taken place on the following day.


However, the lessson learnt and experience acquired will be extended to other universities in the region through the developed network, Euro-Mediterranian Association of Univeristy Administrators, within UNAM.


Topic discussed during the ceremony are:

  • Strategic Planning and Multiannual Budgeting in Higher Educaiton – A case of an Austrian University  of Applied Science
  • Controlling and Control Environment (Including the Internal Control)
  • Enhancing the Role of the University in the Economic Environment: the New Regulation for Activities on Demand
  • Financing Options and Revenue Structure: Experience of the Public Higher Education Institutions in Jordan
  • Fiscal Reform II Project (FRPII): Objectives, Accomplishments, and Implication for the Higher Education Sector in Jordan
  • Financial Education Training within University Education
  • Increased Competition and Income Diversification at BAU
  • Keeping Higher Education in the Welfare System: the Public Funding of Italian Universities
  • ERP Systems: Applicability for Higher Education Institutions
  • Funding Higher Education Institutions: Best Practices from MUBS – Lebanon

The final event has attracted various media coverage, such as, The Jordan TimesAlmadenah News, Alghad News, flickr, Petra News, Urdoni News, addustour, alrai and Talaba News.